Thanks for visiting the new home of my cross stitch site. These pages are still heavily under construction, but I thought I should get my first blog post out and tell you a little about what I’m working on.

In no particular order (it depends what my brain feels up to after my 19 month old goes to bed), I’m tidying up the website and adding new content, posting more of my photo projects to Instagram and Twitter, and designing an alphabet freeze cross stitch for a friend’s new baby.

I’ve roughly designed A-Q, but my ‘alpaca’ definitely needs some more work:


The initial aim of the site was to showcase my own designs and hopefully start to sell some cards, coasters, and unique wedding stationery. Currently though, it’s a hobby that might some day be profitable to more than my mental well-being and creative side. Saying that, if you like anything you see, please get in contact!

My aim is to blog about what I’m doing sewing wise and maybe otherwise, as much as my toddler will allow. See you soon!

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