A few new card designs

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sewing a couple more alphabet friezes, with the intention of sticking them up on Etsy and seeing if anyone wants to buy them. Just need to decide on a seller name.

I’ve also been designing some father’s day cards and birthday cards for my family.  Borrowed a couple of ideas from the ABC and dug out the best puns! I love the Land Rover sewing, but not quite so sure of the sheep driving it. In the initial sketch my husband said they looked like demon sheep.. Don’t think the end result was necessarily better, but they’re supposed to be my parents’ sheep – Martha, Molly and Mabel.

Have A Quacking Father’s Day
Mac Bunny
Mac Bunny Birthday
Defender Sheep
Sheep In A Land Rover
Birthday Balloon Kangaroo
Wheelbarrow Bunny
Wheelbarrow Bunny

F, G, I, E H, J ….

….the order of the alphabet when you’re trying to use minimal aida!

Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt as productive as I have in the last week.  Designing the alphabet frieze and posting older projects to instagram has really made me miss having goals other than getting the next washing load done and keeping the toddler dressed and entertained.

I’ve started stitching some of the letters and pictures and I’m quite happy with the way it looks so far. But there’s a lot of brown. My husband’s made the point that there’s a lot of brown in nature, so that’s bound to be reflected in a sewing featuring animals.  I’m still worried it won’t be bright and colourful enough for an infant. Anyway, we can but see when there are a few more letters on the board (or old t-shirt in this case). The actual frieze will be done on aida and framed, but while I’m working out the sizes of the pictures and which letters will go on which lines, pinning them to old fabric is working quite well. 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, D is going to be a doctor. The rabbit will have a syringe and some other medical equipment!

F, G, I, E, H, J
F, G, I, E, H, J
ABC on the t-shirt

See you soon.



Blogging today as I’ve just finished a DMC pattern of a ballerina that’s taken me a couple of weeks (see pic below).  It’s going to be a thank you gift for my friend, and teacher, who I learnt ballet with many years ago. She guided me through my RAD grades 7,6 and 8 (in that order), and throughout lockdown she’s been conducting classes online, which have been so much fun. 

DMC Ballerina
DMC Ballerina

So, having ironed and framed that picture, tonight I’m back to working on the alphabet.  Each letter now, at least, has a rough draft of the picture that’s going to represent it (the alpaca has improved) and it’s time to get the letters looking uniform and start working out colours.

Back soon


Thanks for visiting the new home of my cross stitch site. These pages are still heavily under construction, but I thought I should get my first blog post out and tell you a little about what I’m working on.

In no particular order (it depends what my brain feels up to after my 19 month old goes to bed), I’m tidying up the website and adding new content, posting more of my photo projects to Instagram and Twitter, and designing an alphabet freeze cross stitch for a friend’s new baby.

I’ve roughly designed A-Q, but my ‘alpaca’ definitely needs some more work:


The initial aim of the site was to showcase my own designs and hopefully start to sell some cards, coasters, and unique wedding stationery. Currently though, it’s a hobby that might some day be profitable to more than my mental well-being and creative side. Saying that, if you like anything you see, please get in contact!

My aim is to blog about what I’m doing sewing wise and maybe otherwise, as much as my toddler will allow. See you soon!