Hi, I’m Adele and I’ve been been cross stitching for over 25 years now. This hobby first started with a little sewing of a donkey my Mum bought for me when I was 7 or so. The pattern was printed on the material and the thread was closer to yarn than cotton, but it obvious touched my creative side and I was soon completing samplers and cross stitching pictures for my friends.

Since then I’ve been sewing pre-designed kits, converted photos and designing my own patterns. I think my greatest sewing accomplishments are the pieces I’ve sewn from personal photos (see Photo Projects) and the stationery I designed and stitched for my wedding and the wedding of a close friend (see Weddings).

I currently live in Reigate, Surrey, with my husband and daughter. I’ve been here for nearly 10 years now, but I’m actually a west country girl. My parents have lived in the bungalow, that became a house, that became a small-holding in North Somerset, for 45 years and most of my photo-projects depict the flora and fauna around my childhood home.

I hope you enjoy looking round the website and please come back soon!